About Cajun Magic Academy

Kids love to perform and learning magic teaches them the secrets of successful interaction with groups both large and small. They think they are learning magic, you know they are learning life skills.

A magician has to have certain traits to engage and entertain an audience, whether it is an audience of one or an audience of one thousand. Those traits, which include Respect, Creativity, Confidence, and Enthusiasm, translate into skills that help anyone succeed in life.

At the Cajun Magic Academy, we use the Discover Magic curriculum to teach children these life skills through the use of magic. The kids love learning magic tricks that they can perform for their friends and family. At the same time, they are learning life skills such as:

  • Respect
  • Preparedness
  • Enthusiasm
  • Confidence
  • Humility
  • Creativity
  • Authenticity
  • Generosity

The magic curriculum we’re presenting is actually a Life Skills course that we’ve disguised to look like a Magic Class.  Kids love learning secrets of magic, and they have so much fun performing cool tricks for each other, they don’t realize they’re developing very special and incredibly valuable communication skills.  Skills that unfortunately are unnecessary for surfing the internet or playing video games.

The curriculum was created by a team that includes the world’s foremost teacher of magic; and they’ve incorporated Life Skills information and exercises into the magic revealed in every class.  The magic is literally like sugar covering up the medicine, because children don’t even suspect they’re learning things far more important than the magic tricks they’re performing.

We target specific Life Skills in several ways.  First, in every class we feature one of the Traits of a True Magician; things like Respect, Preparedness, Creativity, or Humility are presented in fascinating and fun ways.  Then we create a safe, supportive opportunity for the children to perform, over and over, in every class, because the complex communication that takes place during a magic performance develops the young mind in very important ways.

People know that learning music is good for children.  It makes the mind stronger and develops a variety of good character traits.

Likewise learning magic builds these skills and more. Magic requires children to imagine, in advance, what an audience might think, and to read, in real time, the body language of an audience as he performs.  Almost nothing else requires the dynamic flow of information between people, and children who experience this when they’re young will use those skills throughout their lives.

We all know technology is only going to become more and more compelling.  Fortunately, Discover Magic is targeting the people skills that technology is ignoring.  With technology, children have their heads looking look down at their screens, while performing magic brings their heads up and puts a smile on their face!

Every class features custom created props, one of the Traits of a True Magician, Top Secret file folders for every child and even after the class, there is special bonus material the kids can unlock with a secret code online.

So the kids have fun
They learn cool secrets
They make new friends
Every child performs new magic in every class
And your child will come home able to fool you with a magic trick after the very first class!