Our curriculum was developed by Michael Ammar, Brian Daniel South, and Michael Rosander, some of the top names in magic and they've masterfully interwoven "the eight traits of a true magician" such as respectful, being prepared, confident, creative, humble and so on and paired them with some of the most amazing tricks that kids think are the coolest!

Each lesson focuses on one of "the eight traits of a true magician". Through a series of original magic tricks, games, and videos, your child will learn these traits which are directly related to a life skill.

All course material, which includes custom tricks, "Top Secret" file folders, and online content, is included in your child's class registration fee (the course materials are valued at $100).

What’s included in registration:

  • Original tricks with full color instructions
  • Custom cards and coins, sized to fit kid hands
  • A bonus secret file folder for each lesson
  • A magic wand and graduation certificate
  • Integrated life skills with every lesson
  • In-class videos with visual philosophy
  • An online video vault where the daily secret word unlocks tricks



Michael Ammar’s credentials are unequaled in the world of magic. His awards include six Oscar equivalents from the Academy of Magical Arts and F.I.S.M. Gold Medal, the Olympic equivalent of magic.

Michael has produced over 40 instructional DVDs and consulted with the most successful magicians in over 50 countries. His bestselling book is now in its 21st printing.

Ammar’s television appearances include multiple appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, “The World’s Greatest Magic”, and The Late Show with David Letterman.

At the turn of the millennium, MAGIC magazine listed Michael Ammar as on of “The Most Influential Magicians of the Twentieth Century.”



Brian Daniel South has invented dozens of magic tricks that have been used by the biggest names in magic and on every continent. A magic trick he patented was even used in outer space.

After getting his degree in creative marketing, he started a magic manufacturing company that he ran for over a decade. He then started Teach By Magic, showing educators how to use simple magic tricks int he classroom to make learning more fun and memorable.

Brian has worked as a creative marketing consultant for a variety of companies from theme parks and games companies to the leading publication for magicians, MAGIC Magazine.



Michael Rosander has been internationally recognized as one of the top performers in family entertainment. His degree in theatre has given him the structure and knowledge to mold magic so that every trick has a purpose and every action propels the story forward.

Rosander also specializes in magic camps with over 10 years of experience. His multiple award winning programs send over 400 kids through its door every year.

In addition to his love for magic, Rosander enjoys a career as a working actor for film and television. He has been seen on major networks such as HBO, FOX, and CBS.