One Day of Wonder School Assembly

Encouraging children to explore multiple disciplines for fun and knowledge

Kids love watching magic. Seeing the impossible happen in front of their eyes without any TV or computer tricks always captures their attention.

Naturally, they also want to know how it is done.

Our One Day of Wonder - What is Magic? assembly is an immersive magic show that introduces students (grades 1 & up) to how magicians use knowledge from different subject areas to create magic. Almost all of the magic tricks shown during the show are fully taught to the children and only require common household items.

Are you a Pre-K or K teacher? We've got you covered with shows specifically for young audiences.

Punctuation Pandemonium


What happens when punctuation marks make sounds when read aloud? This madcap segment teaches kids about periods, commas, and more. Teachers and parents will be laughing just as much as the students!

Water Bag


After pouring a liter of water into a baggie, the baggie is punctured multiple times without spilling a single drop.

Magic Square


Four numbers, randomly selected by different members of the audience, are added together. This new number is shown to have been accurately predicted.



After seeing magic, students are taught magic. Knowledge required in different subject areas is explained as students learn how to perform most of the tricks seen during the show.

We Come to You

We know transporting a class full of students is difficult. Trying to arrange buses and meeting the needs of your own schedule...what a hassle!

We come to you! Our school assemblies don't require anything more than a place for the kids to enjoy the show and about an eight foot performance area. We are totally self-contained with our own battery-powered sound system. No need for even an electrical outlet.

Once the date and time of your show is confirmed, your worries are over. We arrive at your school about an hour before show time, yet don't even need 30 minutes to set up. Just designate someone to guide us to the performance area and we take it from there.

 Supplemental Materials

We know students may try to remember everything they learned about the magic tricks, but it can be a lot of information for them to absorb. To make recall easier, Secret File Folders are available with all instructions and visuals needed, plus bonus magic trivia.

Our popular Secret Safari magic trick is a kid favorite. This card trick uses specially printed cards with pictures of jungle animals and amazing facts about each one. The trick comes with a full-color instruction sheet and a secret web site students can visit for an online video tutorial.

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